Be passionate.
Be balanced.
Be free.

Ready to put you first?

Are you tired of dieting?

Ready to change your nutrition habits without cutting out the foods you love in a much more flexible way? With a more detailed investment, 1:1 coaching will help with: lifestyle habits, nutritional goals, and improve your fitness levels all with my help every step of the way. Enjoy full app access with message support.

Hey there! I’m Shae.

My passion is health + fitness and living a balanced lifestyle. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and I myself have been through major weight loss and a binge eating disorder. I’m here to inspire you to feel your healthiest self and eat a cookie too. I also love everything beauty and am here to show you all my secrets.

1:1 Coaching

Learn how to create long lasting, sustainable results, feel more confident in your own skin, form new habits without restrictions, properly fuel your body with portion control and proper serving sizes with using macro tracking as a tool, and feel better and full of energy to complete daily tasks.