Hey there! I’m Shae.

Here to inspire you to feel your healthiest self and eat a cookie too.

My passion is health + fitness and living a balanced lifestyle.

I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and I myself have been through major weight loss and a binge eating disorder. I’m here to inspire you to feel your healthiest self and eat a cookie too. I also love everything beauty and am here to show you all my secrets.

My personal health journey started January 1st, 2016. That day I stepped on the scale and saw a number that I just wasn’t okay with. I knew at that moment I had hit my personal all time low and I was ready to make a change for myself.

Starting that day I worked hard, ate clean, and followed a low carb plan for 2 years consistently. I lost a total of 60 lbs and had maintained that my second year. But that just wasn’t cutting it. I was miserable, I was rejecting foods and activities I loved, and each vacation was miserable because I would gain around 10 lbs just eating the things I liked here and there.

I then found an RD in March of 2019 to go over my body, my health, and my lifestyle. Since then I have begun macro counting, maintained weight, working on a total body recomp, and enjoying ALL THOSE CARBS that I love! I knew this method was all about balance and a lifestyle that I could continue to do forever. I finally felt free. Since September 2019 I studied and received my NASM CPT and Nutrition FNS, and continued education with PN1 Nutrition Certifications and am Pre and Postnatal certified as well! I will always continue to learn as I knew I wanted to help other women who are in the exact place I was in 3 years ago… No gym confidence, & no self confidence. I want everyone to feel free.

I married the love of my life October 10, 2017. We share 4 fur children, Elliana, Harper, Oakley, and our mini goldendoodle, Luka. Huge dog lover, they light up our world. I’m a small town entrepreneur in a big world just trying to share my passions.

Want to know anything fitness, health, or beauty?

i got you girl.

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